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Comparison is the death of joy.

25/04/2015  photo A1F4E890-F26F-4D56-A405-DC26BDEC33BF_zps90m8xnqd.jpgComparison is futile. We all know that. Yet I bet you've all fallen victim to it at least once today (Women of Instagram please stop with the green juices - I've guzzled three cans of diet Coke already). Yes sometimes it can be a positive form of motivation, I have been encouraged to undertake various 'squat' challenges due to some ladies pert derrière, albeit if never particularly long lasting (hey, I earned this cellulite - it's taken years of sedentary living and a strong dedication to Dominoes Pizza). But ultimately, as I imagine you all will concur, it's insanely emotionally damaging.

In my dreadfully dull, essay engrossed world I constantly compare myself in regards to others' work progress. I look at this image and I commend myself for the hours and effort spent agonisingly annotating this poem (in a variety of different coloured pens because like, aesthetics, duh). Yet despite the acknowledgement of hard-work, somehow somewhere it is just inadequate. Because if "George", the course-mate I have spoken to once by the vending machine has produced a full scale re-enactment of the Trojan wars, my idea by comparrison must be substandard at best.

As Mark Twain once said, "Comparison is the death of joy". Instead of enjoying being the uber Latin literature nerd that I am, I find myself stressed, anxious and worried that I am perpetually inferior. And that is just completely and utterly, bloody stupid. We all have our talents and we all all own personal attributes and they aren't worth comparing to others. They're yours and yours to be proud of. If you constantly evaluate your self-worth by comparison to others, you will be eternally disappointed. So stop the endless roundabout of self-doubt and focus on yourself. Because who cares if she has more Twitter followers than you, we all know that funny picture of your dog was so totes hilarious. So shut down Instagram, and give yourself a break, you got this.

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