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Faking the fresh face.

23/06/2015 Untitled
I've never been one for hiding my emotions, any problems I face come hurling out of me at a speed to rival even the most component of rappers. Likewise, this inability for subtly manifests itself invariably in my physical form. If I  have spent the last two days munching down daily McDonalds and slurping diet coke it's a vital human necessity, my drastically bulging bloat frantically cries out and reveals all. If I have had a rather late night (albeit having a Dexter marathon as opposed to a night out - I peaked far too soon), my eyes are stained with bags not too dissimilar to that of a Walking Bad extra.

It is to this reason I am truly indebted to the power of make-up. Whilst I may be lax at continuous healthy eating and well-being (Gwenyth Paltrow is superhuman ok? There is no way she is not a gorgeously, athletic alien) at least my skin can look like I glug down 8 pints a day. Fake it until you make it, right?

I begin by slathering my face with Topshop's glow highlighter in Gleam. It is not the most subtle of highlighters, but it works wonder under the base for a particularly dull face day. It's a much cheaper alternative to the Laura Mercier radiance primer or Mac strobe cream which is always a win in my book. Extra pennies, extra pizzas.  I then place a light layer of my favourite base Dr Jart Regernating Beauty Balm. I wear this on a daily basis, a little goes a long way. It's glowy and natural with just enough coverage to hide any redness or dark circles. It adds a healthy sheen without looking too greasy. Finally, to add some colour and a bit more healthy glow (seriously, who needs a healthy lifestyle, this pretence is working out great) I sweep on my beloved Nars Orgasm blush. A cult classic, I've sung odes to this before, but it really does a great job of brightening up the face.

And you're done, you gorgeous little thing. No one will be none the wiser that you haven't left your house for three days and your only human contact has been with your Chinese delivery man. You have now faked your way into looking like a fully functional member of the human race. Own it. You healthy human you.

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  1. i have a different dr jart+ bb cream and it really lovely but i think your one looes like it'd be more suited to my skin type (i'm also victim to dull skin), i'll definitely be buying that one when mine runs out x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.