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From hamburgers to hummus.

Well, here is a sentence I never imagined would fall out of my mouth: I am now a vegetarian. Whilst I've never been one of those meat worshipping fanatics, it's been pretty much the norm to have meat included in every meal as I've grown up. I've always found it quite obscure to consider eating a meal without some sort of meat, as though vegetables were an afterthought to the main dish. Is a sandwich really a sandwich without a big old chunk of salami?
I've spent years mercilessly abusing my friend Rosie for what I considered her hippie, veggie nonsense (Hi Rose, sorry Rose, love you Rose) but it turns out she's been right all along. Eating meat is kinda weird; why do I think it's acceptable to eat a chicken breast but cradle my own in fancy silk underwear? Talk about different cuts of beef has become so commonplace that it's desensitized us to what it's actually referring to but when you consciously remind yourself, eating meat becomes absolutely abhorrent.

I can't pretend my decision is wholly based on the welfare of animals, I'm human, and I'm much more selfish than that. First and foremost my decision to eliminate meat was for my own health. I watched a documentary named Food Inc on Netflix (deviating from Pretty Little Liars causes drastic life alterations) and I was left disgusted at what I saw. I've never given much thought into what is in my food, but I've always assumed the meat I eat was just that, meat. To be exposed big corporations' money-saving tactics and subsequent unnatural produce left me nauseous. It was just plain gross and had me swearing to never reach for the chicken nuggets again.

Now I can't pretend I won't miss meat - I've watched in envy as my friends have scoffed down bacon butties and the prospect of barbecue season fills me with dread. I've managed only 2 wholly meat free days since I began; I've accidentally eaten a bacon and sausage sandwich (I genuinely believe I am subconsciously drawn to Greggs breakfast deal), banged a chicken stock cube in a veggie soup (my bad) and repeatedly stolen food from my friends plates (it's a greedy little habit, but sharing is caring). Despite these relapses (which I'm deeming minor setbacks rather than outright failure) I still think vegetarianism is the way forward for me. There are so many vegetarian options it makes no sense to reach for the meat. Linda McCartney sausages are possibly the greatest things on earth and Quorn scotch eggs taste basically identical to their meaty counterpart (though you'll have to bear with me on the latter - my judgement was impaired by it being a hazy third day at a festival).

For the most part - meat just seems cruel and unnecessary. As much as I'd like to refrain from sounding like Morrisey, I can't escape the fact I am taking an innocent life for food. Ignorance is bliss (or a sweet, juicy rack of barbecue ribs) but after exposing myself to the horrors of the meat industry, I can't in all good conscious go back. The way these animals are treated is appalling, sickening and I won't be part of their suffering - There's just no need. Who decided animals were ours to eat?

As of now, I am easing myself into the life of a pescetarian, aiming to eventually cut out animals altogether before possibly easing myself into veganism - a cheeseless prospect that seems daunting right now. It's strange how easily my outlook was swayed, but I can't even imagine myself going back to a life of regularly wolfing down cheeseburgers and drunkenly demolishing kebabs now. It just seems wrong.

So, if anyone has anyone veggie recipes to share with a total, struggling newbie - please feel free to share!


  1. OMG! This is something I have always considered being an animal lover and all. But I just don't understand what to substitute the meat for and i do fear that if I become veggie my health will get worse not better.

    1. I know how you feel, I always had meat lunches and dinners. It's hard to get use to! I'd recommend trying out the Linda McCartney range to get you started. The stuff is amazing!!