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The Student Struggle: The concept of the man-child.


Isn't it unusual how desperately we seek independence yet when we reach that age we find ourselves yearning for youthful ignorance? University seems a kind of intermediate stage where that concept seems totally normal; a stage where you have all the advantages of being an adult (read: ability to buy your own booze) yet likewise face no judgment on choosing to stay in bed all day watching cartoons. As the wise Hannah Montana once said, it truly is the best of both worlds.

I spent my teenage years desperate to move out - as my mum likes to remind me when I get that bit too cosy being waited on hand and foot (very tactful mum but I'm not going anyhere). Now that I have finished my second year of university, where I am supposedly being initiated as a capable and functioning adult, all I want to do is curl up on a Friday night playing Sims because my mum wouldn't let me go drink Frosty Jacks in the park. Tight.

I am excited for the future; I wander aimlessly around John Lewis on an alarmingly regular basis picking the perfect cutlery and coffee machine for my future home. (FYI, there's also a hefty amazon wishlist if anyone wants to fund my dream of getting a bread maker.) I make my own soups, I do my own laundry, I lust after m&s nightwear. As I write I am sipping black coffee and listening to Serge Gainsbourg. Yet at the same time I will gladly eat a dinner of pizza fingers, beans and smiley faces because it's delicious (obvs) and spend hours rereading the old Jacqueline Wilson novels - those books should be considered classics.

I'm in that weird, yet undoubtedly familiar state of both adult and child. I have finally finished the laborious coursework which has consumed the past two months of my life and I am ready to utilise my free time effectively - by doing absolutely nothing. I have ran home to be doted on my by parents, forced my dog into a reluctant duvet day and sat through countless episodes of Friends. It's so refreshing not to feel guilty for such blatant wasting of my life - though saying that I did manage to complete all five seasons of Pretty Little Liars during exam season (In hindsight, not the most efficient way to destress - who the hell is Charles!?!) I know this childlike relapse can't last forever, but for the next few days I am going to enjoy it - we all need a break from responsibility sometimes. I've only got a year left of being a hybrid woman-child and I intend to make the most of it.

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