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My go to night out make-up.

17/06/2015 Untitled...Because we're all prone to some sweaty nightclub selfies.

Unless you've managed to find the only sobriety social group in university, nights out are basically unavoidable. I can't lie, I do enjoy supping down a few drinks (or ten) though I can already feel myself tiring of them at the ripe old age of 20. I mean, going to bed by 8 pm is cool, right?
University nights out are hardly few and in-between, every night of the week is a potential drunken mishap  (it's a hard life being a student). Clothes tend to be casual, leaving make up the main feature. I've perfected the impromptu going out look and generally opt for a similar look each time, with bright lips taking center stage.

First I use Benefit Pore Professional because even the toughest makeup will slide off as you run around a dance-floor. Then I use MAC Face and Body, one of my favourite foundations. It layers up to full coverage if you need it, and is a godsend on covering little leg blemishes. Bruises, stretch marks? Nuh uh, these pins are flawless. To contour, I use Illamasqa Hollow as I, unfortunately, do not have the cheekbones of Kate Moss. I then follow that with a warmer toned Benefit Hoola because I do unfortunately have the pasty skin of a hermit. Finally, to highlight I used Topshop's glow highlighter in Gleam, cheap but effective. I've actually been reaching for it over my touche eclat recently.

For the eyes, I used the Naked 2 Basic palette, sweeping stark over the lid, cover in the crease and skimp to highlight the inner corner. To keep it simple I curl the lashes and apply a couple of layers of Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast mascara. Then of course, I do the brows with my beloved Anastasia DipBrow Pomade, a lifesaver at disguising my untamed brows (uni life without a beautician is hard).

And finally, the ultimate red lipstick - MAC Russian Red.

And there it is, my quick club friendly look! I'm not looking quite so fresh the day after, although it has given me a valid reason to stay in bed playing Sims 4 - if you count a wine headache as a legitimate reason. I'm too old for this. Drink responsibly guys.