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An Old Hollywood love affair.

02/07/2015 Hollywood GlamourI was going to write a beauty post, a 'how to' if you will. I was going to name it 'go to Hollywood glamour', but I couldn't bring myself to simply it to such a degree. That simplistic and cliched title didn't articulate my emotions nor my admiration. It didn't convey the heartfelt attachment I feel to those two glorious words:

Hollywood Glamour.

They are not just simple words to me. They are a vivid catalyst to a time that oozes sex. A time of sultry glances, charming men and formidable women. A time of Sophia Loren, set in headstrong Italian ways, capturing the hearts of worldwide spectators. A time of Cary Grant charming his way through hordes of women, weakening their resolve with a brisk transatlantic murmur. Of Katharine Hepburn, damning those who doubt her with endless grace and strength, proving them wrong, reigning supreme as Hollywood's finest.

Of Norma Jean, transforming herself with the magic of make-up and becoming a character of her own formulation; the epitome of Hollywood Glamour, the ditzy, sultry Marilyn Monroe. With a final swipe of red lipstick, her metamorphosis was complete.

That is what Hollywood Glamour is to me. Not merely cat flicks and a bold lip. It is power. It is transformation.  It allows you to alter perceptions, to become an icon. For that one night you are not you, you are a starlet. The starlet.

You are glamour.

Hollywood Glamour
To begin my glamorous transformation (which is a hard-fraught task for a girl who lives in jeans and men's t-shirts), I began with a light coat of Mac Face and Body. The lightweight formula manages to cover all flaws and create an even base yet needs a hefty amount of Mac Skinfinish Natural to mattify it down to replicate the Hollywood heroines. I contoured lightly with Benefit Hoola Bronzer and highlighted with Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.

For the eyes, I used the Naked Basics Two Palette; Skimp in the inner corner, Stark over the lid, Cover in the crease. I used Primal to line the lower lashes and create a thin, winged our liner on top. To finish, I applied my ultimate favourite lashes, Mac 20 Lash. They are perfect for created a wispy, winged out eye.

And, of course, how could I forget my beloved Anastasia Dipbrow and Mac Russian Red lipstick.

There is something so empowering to me about fearless, prominent make-up. I feel incredible ,unstoppable, unlimited.

Like I can conquer the world.

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  1. your description of hollywood glamour is spot on and ooooh your makeup is so stunning!! that lipsticks suits you so much, ya look amazing girl x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.