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I am indefinable.

There is all this talk about your personal brand Your style. Your niche.

Who are you? What are you about? What makes you 'different'?

Am I edgy? Am I mysterious? Am I fashionable? Am I nerdy? Am I humourous? Am I aloof? Am I, god forbid, the dreaded and detestable 'basic'?

I like classical literature; to lose myself in eloquent and heartfelt verse, to seek validation and emotional reprieve in beautiful mounds of poetry. I like to write prose that reflects my emotion, to discuss work that makes my mind wander with possibility...
I like to watch trashy tv until my mind is desensitised to all but the banalities of teenage alterations.

I drink almond milk. I frantically consume hummus and carrots. I eat greens, do yoga, practice mindfulness.
I sit in bed eating pizza, drinking wine straight from the bottle.

I like music. I listen to rock n roll. I yearn for nights spent in grotty bars listening to artfully played guitars, for trudging through mud to listen to meticulous music, bellowing each line in sync with my like-minded peers. I seek haunting vocals and heartfelt lyrics.
Quite often I go to nightclubs and dance along to the top 40.

I read fashion blogs. I wear the latest trends. I trawl the internet for validation that my clothing is admirable. I bounce from style to style; I am hipster, I am stylish, I am 'on point'.
I can usually be found wearing tracksuit bottoms and old Primark jumpers.

I am a feminist. I devour feminist literature. I spark discussions about fgm, about equal pay, about the harms of sexism. I admire Laura Bates, I live for Caitlin Moran. I'm an avid advocate of women's rights. I believe in positive body image. I encourage women to defy the impossible standards of beauty.
I spend a lot of money on diet fads and overpriced make-up.

Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm philosophical,  sometimes I'm enraged, sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm utterly despondent and ultimately lost.

I am always honest. I am always open. I am always me.

Whatever 'me' is.

I have no set voice, I have no set style. I am multidimensional and capable of a wide range of being. 

I am human and I am indefinable.

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  1. I just found this post in my bookmarks from when I first discovered your blog. This post resonates with me so much. <3 <3 xoxo