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BEAUTY: Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Palette

02/09/2015 Bobbi brown palette
I don't sleep very well. That could have something to do with my lack of physical movement throughout the day, or the fact that my nighttime routine consists of twitter glaring in the darkness, but nonetheless, sleep does not come easily. I know these restless nights could be easily remedied if I actually did anything productive with my day, but, well, I've just discovered The Office and I have nine seasons of catching up to do. (I am aware I reference tv a lot on this blog, but binge-watching is a passion of mine and should be celebrated as such.) Regardless, I've found I no longer need sleep, not when the sleep-evading gifts of the gods exist; excessive coffee consumption and the Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Pallette.

I've been lusting after both the corrector and concealer for a very long time but couldn't justify the price tag of buying them both, especially considering I already waste a lot of money on a lot of things (why, hello there, Sims 4). So frankly, when I discovered this palette, it was an absolute godsend and I promptly snapped it up (well, I say I, but really I coaxed my mother into buying it - I think she was sick of me looking two days into Rigor Mortis).

The Corrector and Creamy Concealer are the ultimate dream team and basically cover the entirety of my sleepless sins with ease. It's a mammoth task to make me look awake when I naturally have the complexion of a corpse, but somehow these two manage it. The Skin Foundation Stick is high coverage yet easy to blend. I've loved using it alongside my Dr Jart BB Cream to quickly create a heavier, more 'done' complexion. Setting it all with the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder has proved amazing for a lazy lover of convenience like myself as I essentially look the fittest version of myself all day with minimal effort required. Tricking people into thinking I have a healthy lifestyle is one of my many strengths.

I'm really bad at writing make-up reviews and even worse at concluding them, but this honestly is the most convenient and impressive product I have come across in a long time. I am now a total Bobbi Brown convert. And it's super portable, meaning I can throw it in my bag when I'm rushing to and from my obviously consequential naps. Hey, napping is a valued and institutionalised perk of Student life.

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  1. I'm a major Bobbi Brown fan but I haven't got round to buying this yet as I already have far too much make-up in my beauty bag. Think you've just persuaded me to buy it :) xo