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Travel: Berlin fashion edition.

And I say 'fashion' with the loosest of requirements.
On the advice of our Airbnb host Ben, I packed my suitcase with an array of summer clothing. On the advice of myself, a woman familiar with the temperamental Yorkshire weather, I packed a few pairs of jeans too. Ultimately though, I kept it as light as minimal as possible as I heard it was some kind of German heatwave. I don't do heat - I would rather walk around stark bollock naked than be uncomfortable and hot. Ain't no-one got time for that chafe.

Day One: Straight off the aeroplane. Wearing the finest Primark and Topshop ensemble.

Oh yeah. So vogue. Notice how the monochrome colours compliment each other so well, it's almost as if no thought went into it all. Effortless chic. Bonus points for the classic red lipstick shade which is just so, *on point*.

Day two: Features me being papped (yes by Tom, you filfthy spoilsports) outside Berlin Fashion Week. Unfortunately, I consider myself more of an A/W season connoisseur and truly believe this is the reason I hadn't received an invite. 

Wonderful seventies vibe going on here with the tassels and short, button up demin skirt. I look a bit like a seventies schoolgirl which is nice (for perverts) but is maybe not *on point* enough for a catwalk show. Whatevs.

Caution: may expose vagina.

Outfit for the aforementioned, fancy-pants restaurant. Crap picture, deal with it. For a Primark number, I think this little shift dress held its own. Shame I wore the same scuffed up boots though which may have gave the game away. Or our ashen faces when we received the bill. Either, either.

Day three: Woah, hold up. Haven't we seen this outfit before? HA HA no you belligerent fools! For this is a black and white top, whereas the other was white and black. Oh you naive simpletons, you have no concept of high fashion - they're completely different outfits. 

And look, I'm wearing some fantastic old, tattered slip-ons from NEXT. I'm so damn #innovative with my style.

And last but not least (and don't accuse me of being cliche, this is the best outfit of the bunch), my wonderful Urban Outfitters printed dress. I appreciate the delicate patterns and shirt like effect. It's very 'now'. Sometimes it gets sucked up by my big arse, but aside from that, it's a pretty nifty number.

Fashionista love xo

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