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Travel: Berlin via my iPhone.


Now that I am back to face my dreaded final year of university, what better way to celebrate than to reminisce over my summer holidays whilst hysterically sobbing into a mountain of books. Ah, sweet memories.

Me and lé boyfriend swanned off at the start of summer on our first ever holiday together (I know, adorbs) and decided on Berlin. It has quite the reputation for food and beer, and er, we are big fans of food and beer (and of course, as cultured university students we were compelled by the rich history, obvs) so naturally we were drawn to it. A stein? Mate, we are so there (I could't hack it and gave half to Tom - don't look at me, I'm a disgrace).

So we booked a few days there via Airbnb, which was ideal as our apartment was literally above the U-bahn and so required minimal physical exertion from me. Win. Berliners are extremely efficient and trusting, I could have easily traveled the entire trip for free with no fuss or fines. I didn't of course, I'm far too British and polite but, man, if I were a bit less polite, it would have been a bloody cheap holiday. Take note TFL, you money grabbing scoundrels.

We spent the days doing the standard tourist stuff; walking the Berlin wall, going to the museums, seeing the sights, and of course, receiving frustrated glares from indignant locals. Jarvis was right, everyone does hate a tourist. We really should have learned the basics of German, but to be honest, as a Yorkshire native, I'm not very good at speaking English itself so foreign languages are out of the question. Soz.

The rest of our trip was spent eating and drinking, as every good holiday should be spent. Vegetarianism went out of the window again (Yep, I'm fucking terrible at it), and I consumed my weight in currywurst and burgers. I recommend Burgermeister btw, it's under the bridge in Oberbaumstraße and really bloody popular but damn worth the wait. Thankfully our wonderful Airbnb host Ben guided us to a few nice, less-touristy restaurants because when navigating our own search, we basically ended up in the poshest place known to mankind. "€€" price-range review my arse. Thankfully, the bartender split the tiniest bit of my martini on my jacket and we got two free drinks. Result. Handled like two true stingy student pros.

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