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The anti-bucket list

West Yorkshire, UK 30/12/2015

I hate New Year's resolutions.

Perhaps that's due to my catastrophic lack of will-power meaning I have failed every, single one I have ever set in the past twenty-one years or, as I prefer to believe, perhaps, it's because they are so bloody stupid.

Nonetheless, come the post-Christmas binge, I always find myself cursing my stomach, berating myself for eating the entire box of quality street and pinky promising that next year I'd live off a diet of quinoa and broccoli.

But that just isn't remotley realistic (and not only because quinoa is the friggin' devils' spew) but because I'm not superhuman / I'm a bit lazy. Instead of becoming this wonderful and aspirational young woman, come December those New Year's resolutions only read as a list of things I failed to do.

So when I recalled this post by the wonderful Emma Gannon, I decided to switch it up. Life isn't a big to-do list, so, instead of kicking myself for everything I failed to achieve, I've decided to celebrate every amazing thing I did. And it turns out, I've not done half bad. In fact, a big round of applause for me, I'm bloomin fantastic.

  1. I had my very first piece of writing published in print!
  2. Averaged a high 2.1 in my second year despite a not so amazing start.
  3. Became a group facilitator for Student Minds which is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done.
  4. Had my first and probably last ever modelling shoot. Vogue.
  5. I went on holiday to Berlin with a BOY. Ooooh.
  6. Speaking of which, got myself a cracker of a boyfriend.
  7. I became a veggie! (Albiet it lasted 4 months but, small steps right?)
  8. I finally intergrated into the uni lifestyle and got on a ~committee~ 
  9. Did some work experiance at a PR firm and absolutely loved it.
  10. I saw my best friends graduate and I'm proud as punch.
  11. I joined Robyn's #LetsTalkAnxiety campaign and got an overwhelmingly positive response
  12. I hit 423 pageviews which is insane and unexpected and proves my mum isnt the only one that reads my blog. 
  13. I interviewed a band!!! All my fifteen year old dreams are coming true.
  14. I was invited to a bloggers event, I'm a bonafide blogger now baby.
  15. I saw the friggin Libertines and touched Gary Powell, no biggie, it's just that all my dreams have come true.
  16. Oh, and the Foals. Caressed Yannis' back, naturally.
  17. I met Nigel Owens and Ed Miliband in the same night and was extremely awkward and weird.
  18. I turned 21 and I feel, erm, exactly the same. Except now the 2 day hangover is real.
  19. I got 51 likes on a selfie. Someone get me an agent, I'm going places.
  20. I went glamping, which was obvs, totes amaze (and wet and soggy because, Yorkshire)
  21. I was in a changing room with a load of naked hockey men which was er, surreal to say the least.
  22. I went on cute seaside visits with my best friends which I'll treasure forever.


  1. It sounds like you've had a great year Bec! Love your fashion shoot in that magazine, that is seriously so cool. Your blog is too lovely, so I've followed you on bloglovin' annd on instagram, adding an extra like to your selfie!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Aw thank you so much!! What a total babe you are xxx