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Timeline of My Teenage Love Life.

Nottingham, Nottingham, UK 12/01/2016

Boyfriends. The elusive goal of many a Disney Channel sitcom.

Well, ten-year-old Rebecca, you've only gone and bloody got one! Your very own Gordo, minus the cute curly hair and sixty-five episodes of unrequited devotion, of course.

So naturally, I was going to base this post on him. I was actually halfway through whipping up a list à la BuzzFeed of 'reasons why I'm grateful blah blah blah' when I realised: I'm really not comfortable sharing my current relationship online. Which is weird, because I share EVERYTHING. From a recount of everything I've eaten that day to detailed descriptions of a cystitis outbreak, I am the queen of not shutting yer' gob.

And you can see this all over my social media history. In fact looking back, social media has visually manifested my relationship status ever since my family finally got a dial-up phone connection. From thirteen to nineteen I wore my heart on my, er, timeline.

From appearing offline and on-again on MSN to get his attention; to putting question marks surrounded by hearts in my status to make him super jel, to putting mysterious love quotes on Piczo probably/maybe/definitely not said by Marilyn Monroe.

To carefully curating my Bebo selfies in accordance to Mizz Magazine's rules of attraction, to feeling ectastic when he shared 'love' on Bebo (I was a bit of a Bebo love floozie). When being in his top friends on MySpace was akin to him propsing marriage.

To facebook chatting all night but then 'playing it cool' when we crossed paths in school. To being 'in a relationship' on facebook with my friend which was ~ so ~ funny and cute but would also make him super jealous. And if that failed, a swift change to the fall-back 'it's complicated'. Ooh who is this myserious lover of mine?

And we're back again, to appearing online and offline, except this time on BBM. Getting your mate to broadcast your pin but only do them because MATCHMAKING 2k10. To favouriting each other's tweets because SHIT WE WERE IN LOVE.  To crying over the Facebook profile picture of the girl he left me for.

Letting him ~ slide ~ into the DM's because, heartbreak & beer goggles. To posting loved up pictures on Instagram. To watching him 'like' twelve other girls' selfies when I wasn't good enough to warrant a text back. From having him crawl out  of the woodwork to 'like' their way back into your subconscious.

So, no. I won't be sharing my current relationship online; it's too precious to me to be lived out on the internet. It seems too good to use for a few retweets or 'saves'. So do you know what I'm most grateful for? A man that makes me so happy that I don't feel the need to boast about him on social media. A man that makes me so happy, I've realised social media doesn't mean JACK when it comes to relationships. 

After ten years growing up in the world of social media, I've realised it's not Bebo loving I'm after, but the real, damn thing.

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