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August: Summer time in the dole line.

Bradford, UK 31/08/2016
Ok. So it feels like I start every blog post with reference to the timed passed since my last post. Seriously though, I think the term 'sporadic blogger' is much too generous a term. I'm pretty goddamn terrible. It's not that I'm particularly disinterested, I have a notebook on hand at all times which is filled with scribbles. It's just those scribbles never seem to come to fruition. Soz.

So what's been going on in the life of #Becloumar this August? Nothing all that interesting to be honest with you. I'm currently in the post-graduation adjustment period of trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life. Progress report: not a bloody clue. However, in terms of other "adult" activities (punch me straight in the gob if you ever see me use the phrase "adulting"), I'm slowly easing myself into them. They don't make particularly crackin' blog content though, hence the absence.

The month started with me achieving what all bright-eyed, hard-working graduates spend three years striving for - an appointment with the job centre. Ahhh, yes. A mere week after graduating I stood in the dole queue (fyi, it's actually appointment based) waiting to collect my benefit cheque (it was actually an initial appointment but bare with me for dramatic effect.) Yep, a twenty-one grand Russell Group education really takes you places, it's just a shame my place was plonked next to a drug dealer in the waiting room. He wasn't that bad a guy though, profession choice aside. 

I only frequented the job centre twice before I found work through a recruitment agency. It's in admin and it's classified as a temp role but we all have to do the grunt work at some point. The people are lovely and the company is cool and creative, so it's not a bad first full-time job. I'm definitely enjoying seeing a regular pay-check. Watching that overdraft go down week by week is proving to be the sexiest sight in the world. I'd rather see that than David Gandy with his shirt off. Seriously. I'm even considering opening a savings account. Not this week, obviously, because I already spent my money on a gym mat I'll never use and 7 random items on eBay, but at some point. Probably...

AUGUST LISTENS: Massive Attack ft Hope Sandoval 'The Spoils', Hayley Bonar 'Kimset Kill', Kate Tempest 'Don't Fall In'.

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  1. I love how honest this is, and well done on your job! You have such a lovely blog here, keep up your amazing work pretty lady! x