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Three happy things for unhappy days.

Funny story. Yesterday, my best friend (who is a teacher) had a kid confidently whack their pants down and take a huge dump in the middle of the classroom. No explanation, just shit right their on the floor. What a 'lil badass. My friend, on the other hand, well, you could say that she had a pretty..... crappy day.


Yeah, but seriously, that actually did happen and it's possibly the funniest whilst simultaneously disgusting story I've heard in a while. Naturally, I had to share because lol, poo jokes. I am an eight year old boy. It does kind of fit though because today's post is on ways I deal with my own crappy days. Not quite so literal of course because I work in an office and that would be vastly inappropriate. Also, I've been potty trained for about twenty years so it seems kind of unnecessary.

I'm getting off-track. Just indulge me, ok? I promise I'll stop talking about crap.

I've had a bad few days and it's only Tuesday. Not even midweek. So far, I've painfully nursed the dregs of a two day hangover, very dramatically blown up a soup in the office microwave and found out that #Brangelina is no more. What else could go wrong? Am I due in for a root canal? Is Jamie Oliver going to get rid of all the fast food in the land?

We all have those days, when everything has gone to shit despite all your best attentions. Maybe your mental health's playing up, works being a drag or you're just pretty down in the dumps. Perhaps you're just a mardy sod like me. Either way, it can be really hard to snap out of that ~bad day funk~ once you're in it and very easy to write the whole week off instead. I have a tendency to indulge the latter option.

BUT NO MORE! I've managed to curate three solid ways to turn a bad day around, or, at the very least, make it slightly tolerable. This is a big deal for someone who can sulk and moan for an age so you better all appreciate me sharing this wisdom.

Weird poo talk over, let the list commence.

1. GET COOKING - Never thought I'd say that one being somewhat of a Deliveroo connoisseur, but lately I've been really into cooking. Healthy cooking too, not just smiley faces and Quorn nuggets whacked in the oven. It kind of started as a way to lose weight because #postgradchub and to thank my parents for putting up with me moving back home, but I've started to enjoy it. It gives me something to focus on other than WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE. Plus, it turns out I'm not half bad at it either. My speciality so far Madaline Shaw's slow roasted lamb. Mmm, baby.

2. WHACK A ROMCOM ON - If you'd have asked me what my go-to sad film was a few years ago I'd have said any sort of gangster film. For some reason I just bloody love them. Must be the Italian blood in me. Usually, I opted for Goodfellas because mmm Ray Liotta in that film, yes yes yes. Anyway, I must have gotten soppier in my old age because now my failsafe is a the good ol' rom-com.

The rom-com gets a lot of stick. Unwarranted if you ask me. There is nothing I like more than settling down with a glass of merlot and watching an hour and a half of predictable, soppy mush. You just NEED Julia Roberts to finally settle down with Richard Gere. Your heart sinks for Duckie when Andie chooses the posh guy over him. UGH, and when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan FINALLY meet on the top of the empire estate building !!! Oh it's magic, just magic. Whack a rom-com on already.

3. HAVE A PAMPER - C'mon, you probably deserve it. Be cliché and run yourself a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights. Soak the stresses away. Why don't you book a salon appointment? Or take five minutes to paint your nails?

My favourite recently has been taking ten minutes out of the day to indulge in a Lush face mask. Mask of Magnimity is my fave because it makes me feel like a radiant skin boasting goddess. Massage oils are a good little indulgence too - but only when used by yourself, obviously, because partners have no place in pamper time. Take some time to treat yo self  by indulging in something out of routine that makes you feel good.

What are your go-to tips to turn a bad day around?


  1. hahaha i love your story at the start! the best! Great post!


  2. Haha I loved reading this! Lovely tips, I've completely worn myself out from being constantly anxious the past few days, I'm obsessed with a mole on my foot and am so so anxious >< but I'm so tired and down from it! I could definitely use a little self care time xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)