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Have a quick laugh at my first ever blog photos!


Today has been a true testament to the power of the PMS. To say I had unstable hormones would be putting it a bit too lightly. I've never had such frantic mood changes in my life. Well, I have. Last month. But, well, it's hard being a woman and I want to complain.

Since the most dominant of emotion today has been anger, I thought I'd steer clear of the political post I had scheduled. I am far too sensitive right now to get opinionated today. Honestly, if someone told me I was in the way of the postbox, I'd either punch them or burst into tears. So, not the best time to make myself vulnerable to criticism on the internet. It's just one of those bloody days.

Bloody days. Lol. Accidental period joke. Top #lad bants.

Instead, I thought I'd share with you some absolute corkers from my first ever blog. It was named...wait for it... "Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups."

Brilliant. I don't even think I drank coffee but whatevs, so #sophisticated. It's one of those names that's just so bad that it can't be anything but funny. Like Christmas cracker jokes or Honey G on X-Factor. It's just... What was I thinking!?! It's so bad and such a mouthful.

The best part isn't the name, though. It's the pictures that accompanied it. Oh man, they are such beauties. I didn't even have an iPhone so I used to steal my mums just so I could use the Instagram filters. No amount of filters could mask the hair and make up I went for, though. Cringe.

Bare in mind that I was attempting to become a beauty blogger and was not just using blusher as a prop. Ok, brill. Enjoy.

And no, my photography hasn't got any better. You bitches.

Cringing hell. Please tweet me any old snaps or blog photo's you have of you! Hopefully I'm not alone in the total EMBARRASSMENT. @becloumar!

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