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Three Bloggers I'm Loving Right Now.

You know you're getting old when you see someone's Christmas lights and comment, "ooh, their leccy's gunna be quite pricey." 

& You know you're far too Yorkshire when you describe electricity as "leccy."

Maybe that's why I can't think of any original content. Because I'm an old hearted, northern lass with nothing else going on than to comment on the price of a stranger's household bills. Though to be fair, the house did look like it wore more bulbs than Blackpool bloody illuminations. I would not want to be the bill payer in that house.

I'll stop this tangent now. 

Anyway. For Blogmas day five that should be six, I'm lacking a bit of inspiration. An eight-hour shift doesn't do much in terms of creativity (but it does buy me a stuffed crust dominoes at the weekend. Win.) So today's post is dedicated to a handful of bloggers who inspire me on a regular basis and manage to be exactly the kind of creator I'd like to be. If I wasn't so lazy, of course.

These are a few of the bloggers that I will consistently come back to. Not even just read them on Bloglovin, but actually go on to their site to read their content. The ones I have turned on Instagram notifications for and whose tweets I find myself favouriting a bit too often. They are just really top notch creators and I just adore them. As in Rebecca Bloom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend style adore them. Like, I wanna kill them and wear their skin like a dress but then also have them see me in the dress and be like "omg you look so cute in my skin!" That kind of adore.

(I'm praying they've seen Crazy Ex and I won't be receiving a restraining order any time soon.)

Nicole - Thrifty Vintage Fashion

I am constantly in awe of this girl. The bravery she has to speak up about mental illness on such a regular basis is quite frankly outstanding. And, she's only just turned eighteen! I don't even have that inner strength in me now and I'm four years her elder. Seriously, her blog is incredible and covers a wide array of mental health topics from OCD to anxiety. She is a one woman stigma fighting machine! Her writing style is very sophisticated and eloquent, yet her passion is evident throughout. I particularly enjoyed her complete take-down of a terrible article (which I won't be linking) in her post 'Nine Reasons Why Your Mental Health Is Made Up'. Also, as someone who doesn't suffer from OCD, I find her posts on the subject really valuable and enlightening. I'm just really inspired by Nicole, not just to write about mental health but to not let it define me in my daily life. I just really like her, I really do.

Chloe Plumstead - The Little Plum

Now. I'm a bit worried that Chloe may think I am a bit of a total stalker. I'm pretty sure I've professed my love for her, and her brother now, a fair few times over twitter. BUT I JUST REALLY LIKE HER, OK? She has an amazing sense of fashion, photographs like an absolute dream and mentions dogs in her bio. What a winner. I'm not even a big fashion blog follower (I'm unashamedly bad at the fash life) but I always browse through The Little Plum. Not only because I love what Chloe wears but because I genuinely enjoy her writing style and content. Yes, she looks like a bomb ass bitch in her outfit shots but her writing is truly great as well and that's what keeps me gripped. I'm knee deep into my overdraft buying every new ASOS jumper she links out, but I'm also reading fucking fantastic content such as discussions on whether blogging is only for the middle class. I loved her post on how she defines herself as both a writer and a blogger because I think it completely encapsulates why I enjoy her blog. Chloe - I fancy you hun. 

Liv - Petticoats and Patriarchy

This is a very new find for me and I'm yet to get through all of the back content but I already love, love, love this blog! It's political but in an accessible way, opinionated but conversation starting and beautifully, unashamedly feminist. It's basically everything I've been looking for in a writer / the writer I have always striven to be (and failed, obv). I really enjoyed her post on make-up, feminist and liberation because I totally agree with her on weaponised feminity and urge you all to check that out.  Also, her tongue in cheek feminist gift guide had me laughing out loud at work. I don't know much about Liv as I only hastily followed her a few days ago after discovering her blog but I just think she seems amazing. Like, I want to sit down and drink wine with her and discuss the conept of barbarianism amongst the ancient Greeks or the the history of sexuality. She's the only non-academic I've ever seen mention that online and that is so fucking awesome. She seems like exactly my kind of gal and I just want to absorb all her knowledge and ideas like a Jo Malone perfume. In the least creepy way possible of course.

What blogs have you been loving recently?


  1. Errrrrm so this is like, the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me! Thank you so much - and I'm so glad you like my stuff! Also we should DEFINITELY have wine and talk about aaaaalll the things!!

    Liv x

  2. Oh thank you so much for sharing! I loooove Chloe but haven't heard of the other two so I'll definitely go have a look :)

    Love, Kerstin

  3. OMG you are so kind! Thank you so much lovely! This has really made my day! Xx