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How Cruel Is My Make Up Bag?

Am I the only person who forgets that winter doesn't end straight after Christmas? It has been threatening to snow here in Yorkshire for the past few days and now it's finally followed through. Which is nice, given that it's Sunday and I'm not planning to leave the house but is going to be a nightmare come Monday morning. No one wants to travel to work in the snow. Particularly if you're like me, aged twenty-two and still without adequate snow shoes.

Uh, Brb, my dads throwing snowballs at my window.
Snow aside, today I'm going to have a good look at my makeup bag and see just how cruelty-free it really is. This sounds stupid but I had just assumed that animal testing was a thing of the past after Elle Woods passed Bruiser's bill. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? Damn the internet for forcing me to become a more self-aware and conscious person. 

Now, in an attempt to be a better person, going forward I will only be buying cruelty-free makeup. I'm just really hoping that my current favourites are CF. I'll be using this site to check them out. Let's have a look...


Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB Beauty Balm -  aaand, we're off to a roaring start. This is a big no which is seriously annoying seen as I've been using this for around three years and have recommended it to so many people.
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation - NO. Meh, not that bothered. It isn't that good.
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer - NOPE.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - So many conflicting statements!! Make your mind up Collection, geez.
MAC Face and Body Foundation - NOPE, though to be honest, this is so old it probably needs binning anyway.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - YESSS!! Finally. It's vegan too. 
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Palette - NOPE. Why Bobs, why?


MAC Woodwinked - Nope. Cya.
Urban Decay Naked Palette -  The parent company is a no go, but UD itself doesn't test on animals. I need to have a think about where I stand on it now.
Morphe 35OS Palette - Not 100% sure on this one but there are comments floating around saying yes which I shall cling onto because, oh baby I love this palette.
Kat Von D Shade of Light Eye Contour Palette - Yes!!! Woo!
Soap & Glory Thick And Fast Mascara - Erm.... "we absolutely do not test our formulations on animals, however, we can't say that each and every ingredient that goes into them has not, at some point historically, been cleared for human use, by animal testing. We hope this answers your question." Thanks for clearing that up Soap & Glory.
Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lash Mascara - Yes. Shame it's terrible.
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - It's a ten from Len!
Rimmel Super Curler 24 - Nope. Anoooooying. Recommendations for mascaras needed, please.
Anastacia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade - It's a yes.


Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder - Yes again. Thanks, Kat.
Nars Orgasm - Parent company is not but like I said, I'll need to think about this one.
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer - Yas thank you.
Benefit Hoola - But you seemed so wholesome?????
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer - and vegan! I love this badboy so much so I'm so pleased about this!

& Lipsticks? Well, bar Kat von D Lolita... they're all MAC. Whoops.

Do you have any good cruelty free recommendations?


  1. Hey babes! I've nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award! Read my post here: Emily xo

  2. So happy that Charlotte Tilbury is cruelty free, one of the most beautiful beauty brands there is! I'm also desperate to try some items from Kat Von D. I'm pretty sured MUA and Makeup Revolution from Superdrug are cruelty free? They do some amazing dupes for higher end products- i totally recommend their liquid lipsticks and highlighters.

    1. Me too! Especially because the foundation I just bought was. so. bloody. expensive!! Worth it though, the foundation and packaging is gorgeous! I'm going to have to give them a go next time I'm in town! Thanks for the recommendations xxx

  3. I love this idea for a post, I wish I'd done something similar when I first went cruelty-free! If you're looking for a good mascara then I can't recommend GOSH enough - their Thick and Fast mascara is one of my favourites! You're right in thinking that MUA and Makeup Revolution are cruelty-free too :) xx


    1. I think I saw it floating around on YouTube somewhere and just...well, nicked it! It was so eye-opening though. I think I may do a beauty one next because I just found out my deodorant isn't CF and I am APPALLED. Oooh, perfect timing for the recommendation I'm in desperate need of a new mascara and almost ordered an expensive Pixi one! But I'll give this a go first xx

  4. i love that kat von d beauty products are all cruelty-free. they're bloody amazing too!
    jen | velvet spring

    1. Me too! Honestly the lock-it powder is the best powder I've ever used. I will never use another!! xx