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What have I achieved since Graduation?

West Yorkshire, UK 03/02/2017
What have I achieved since Graduation?

I hate this question. My immediate reaction is to lunge into a tirade of self-deprecation. “Nothing much, just plodding along,” I’ll say, all the while desperately searching for a comedic opportunity to relive the tension.

After a few back and fourths of me undermining and belittling myself under the guise of ‘humour,’ the conversation will move on. Then I’ll internally turn on myself. Shake my head in despair and berate myself for “wasting the past six months.” In fact, that last sentence is one I’ve said to myself and others with alarming regularity. 

Yet, it doesn’t actually have any truth to it. I haven’t actually wasted the past six months at all. I’ve achieved quite a bit.

It just doesn’t seem enough.

I think a lot of people my age will share my sense of underachievement. There’s this feeling that once you hit 22 that you should have it all together. You ought to know what career you want to pursue and be getting your foot in the door. You should be renting your own homes but already be saving for that mortgage. If that isn’t happening then obviously, you travel. Travel is the acceptable gap year. You should have a car. And savings. And hey, is your boyfriend going to propose any time soon?

It’s very easy for people to be so focused on achieving these big milestones, that they don’t see the worth in the smaller ones. I certainly am victim to that. However, as of now,  I’m opting to reflect on what I have achieved rather than what I *think* I should have achieved. So here's three off the top of my head:

I've been in paid employment for six months.

Often I overlook the value of my admin work because it isn't the sector I intend to go into. Yet, that really doesn't mean that it's been worthless. Six months in an office setting is an invaluable experience and administration skills are paramount to every job role. I've learned how big retail businesses work, made some great friends, got to grips with several niche databases and almost-nearly-a-teeny-tiny-bit become an Excel formula wizard. You have no proof that last part's untrue.

I'm learning to drive.

Aged 22 I am finally learning to drive. I never considered this as an achievement because most of my friends had already been driving for years. If anything, I felt like I was lagging behind. But really, I never needed a car before. I lived in one city, went to school in another & spent most of my free time over the limit anyway (God bless you Headingly.) Now that I'm older it's becoming more of a necessity and so I'm learning. It's much harder than I anticipated but with every lesson I get better, and do you know what? I'm rather proud of that.

Goodbye, sweet overdraft!

Granted, this is quite a recent development. After university, I think the excitement of actually having any money at all can lead you to be a bit careless. Or in my case, get addicted to eBay and end up with a pile of second-hand clothes that don't even fit you. But, now that I've realised my bad habits, rather than just moaning about what I could have saved I'm focusing on trying to improve my money managment skills from here on out. So far, I've become a lot more conscious of my spending and I'm already seeing the benefits of that. Ha. Who am I?

What have your biggest acheivements been so far?

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  1. Well done x3, and for every other little achievement you make everyday! X