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Getting crafty at Viking arty party!

Leeds, UK 01/11/2017
The #VikingArtyParty at Lamberts Yard.
OK. So today's task was to write up a blogging event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. A relatively simple task and yet here we are, writing up draft number four.

Draft number three was a good one. It included a great critical analysis explaining why Josie Geller deserved better than Sam Coulson. However, I've had to scrap that one given that it had absolutely nothing to do with anything at all. Unless you're into cheesy 90's romcoms, in that case, it will change your world and we should definitely get in contact to discuss. 

I am not a frequenter of blogging events. When the rare opportunity to attend an event does arrive in my inbox, I always worry that it's a case of mistaken identity. However, it turns out that I was actually invited to the Viking Arty Party at Lamberts Yard. I can prove it, I had a name tag.

Well, it was a blogger's event.

The stationery suppliers Viking very kindly put on a festive-themed craft event for us all to indulge in.

I'm always a bit hesitant to get the festive cheer on prematurely, even more so as I refuse to indulge any holiday before my birthday, aka the only date really worth celebrating. (It's the 29th of October if anyone is interested, which I assume you all are and yes, that means Halloween is off the table until the 30th.)

However, as soon as I walked in and glanced at the tinsel and humongous Christmas tree, that Mariah-Carey-Pigs-in-blankets-can-I-watch-Elf-now craving began to surface. By the time I'd been handed a mulled wine (which wasn't long because I clocked those bad boys a mile off), I was sold. It's Chriiiiiistmas.

What did you expect, really? 

Splitting into three groups, we spent a mid-October Saturday indulging our creative sides doing some cracker making, calligraphy, and box printing.

Unfortunately, I am seriously inept at crafting or anything that involves manual labour. And yes, I would argue (in a court of law) that making Christmas crackers constitutes as manual labour because there is a lot of cutting and folding and it is just extremely difficult, ok?

Fortunately for me, Viking invited some seriously talented ladies to teach us how to do it right: Jane and Maddie from Tea and Crafts and Joyce who runs Artsy Nibs. Shout out to them because they have endless patience. (Also shout out to Bridie, who was my crap cracker-er in crime.)

Me not having a clue what to do despite just being told what to do.

I can confirm that my cracker making skills leave somewhat to be desired. And that 'somewhat' is a trip to M&S to buy overpriced Christmas crackers instead. Throw money at your problems, and they'll go away, ammaright!? However, calligraphy and box printing is right up my street so that will save me a few quid.

Calligraphy. Let's start with a confession: I had assumed that calligraphy pens were special pens that magically made your handwriting look like a greeting card. I can confirm that they are not and that bloggers you've never met before will be extremely confused (and concerned) that you even thought that. 

However, though my talents are one hundred percent completely definitely and utterly *not* on par with Sarah's or Olivia's, this was hands down the activity I enjoyed the most. It's so calming and soothing and if we hadn't of had to move to the next table, I would have been there for hours. Luckily, we got given some practice paper and calligraphy pens so it's something I can keep on practicing at home.

Can confirm, this was not my handiwork.

We stopped for a festive lunch spread where I opted to try every single one of the sandwiches because, you know, journalistic research. The food choice was excellent and the Lamberts Yard staff did a stellar job catering to everyone's dietry needs. Especially mine, which is I NEEDS TO CONSUME ALL THE FOOD.

Then we moved to the last activity: box printing. I decided to cover my box with little baby wine glasses. So unexpected and groundbreaking. The other girls did leaf patterns, gemoetric prints etc and they looked very Paperchase and very cool. I'm not sure whether mine looked "cool" but it did look very me. Especially considering I kept smudging and smearing the paint all over the box and basically, it was a mess.

Yup. Still not a clue.

It's always nice to get a little goody bag at the end of an event, but it's much better to get an actual present! It did lead to a bag crisis involving me and Olivia navigating the busy Leeds high street, arms filled with bags and boxes, dashing towards our savior, the Sainsburys bag for life, but still, PRESENTS.

I'm very grateful to Viking for the gifts and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for being so generous. Very Christmassy, I must say. Amongst the gifts were Sharpies, glitter card, silver and gold permanent marker and other stationary goodness that fills me with joy.

Thanks for the invite Viking, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. *Also, thanks to Matt at Viking for taking these pictures. They are obviously far superior to the shit photography that readers of this blog are accustomed to.
Well, Rebecca, at least you tried.

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