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Brussels, Brexit and beer.

Brussels, Belgium 22/12/2017
Have you heard the news? Blue passports! We're getting them back! Huzzah! Where we are getting them back from I'm not entirely sure, as I've never actually owned a blue passport and I don't know who took them off us in the first place. Has Brussels been holding them ransom? If so, they certainly kept that quiet when I popped into European Parliment this year. Perhaps we really ought to leave if they are going to behave like this. I don't want to live in some kind of colour dictatorship.

This post isn't actually about Brexit. It's a photo diary. However, I thought there would be a rather large elephant in the room to omit it from a post where I am not only in Brussels but visiting the European Parliment. The trip was purely educational though so don't start shouting at me about Brexit. Anyone who does I shall talk over with an in-depth analysis of the current storyline on Corrie. Ugh, Phelan, am I right?

I went on the trip with my university friends and lecturers, Nigel and Dean. We spent most of our time in Brussels visiting the European Parliment and talking to journalists, MEP's and press officers whom I bombarded with questions. It turns out, that like most Brits, I am absolutely clueless about what the EU actually does.

We then went to a plenary session on the budget, which was lucky as they are usually held in Strasbourg. Here we got to see big bad Nigel Farage in action as he denounced any contribution from Britain and shouted a lot about us leaving. Isn't he such a character! His whole speech would have been very amusing had it not been actual real life. 

Aside from our parliament shenanigans, there was lots of mussels, lots of frites and a hefty amount of beer. I also managed to sneak in a Belgium waffle before dashing off to catch our Eurostar. There was also an incident involving some smuggled boiled eggs -I must say the EU security is much laxer than Westminster.

If you're into your vlogs, good news! My friend Katie recorded the entire trip for her documentary. Click here to give it a watch.

Rebecca xx

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